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Welcome to the site of the American Mental Health Alliance of New Jersey. Established in 1996 to protect clients' privacy, freedom of choice, and to preserve our clinical profession. AMHA is not-for-profit and was designed by psychotherapists advocating for patient rights.

AMHA supports emotional well being!

We believe that a psychotherapist should not have to report to the pseudo "higher authority" of Managed Care Organizations in order to serve their clients best interests. Rather, we believe that the psychotherapist should be their client's best and strongest advocate! 

AMHA-USA Supports These Principles:
that an individual has the right to choose his or her own therapist;
that the client and therapist shall determine the course of therapy;
that therapists shall preserve client confidentiality;
that reimbursement methods should support ethical practice;
that mental health professionals should practice in an interdisciplinary community which promotes competent and ethical practice.

Who We Are!

We are a multidisciplinary & not-for-profit network of professional psychotherapists who are helping to protect their clients and preserve their profession.

What is the American Mental Health Alliance-New Jersey Inc.?

Your Source for Confidential, Personalized, Affordable Mental Health Services!!!

We are a non-profit, practitioner owned and directed, interdisciplinary network of mental health professionals, designed to provide the finest and most ethical quality of mental health care for our clients. We are providing an alternative to managed care while serving the highest traditional standards of our profession. Our original mission was to develop contracts directly with employers in order to supply their mental health services with our own mental health professionals. Our mission has broadened, we serve the interests of clients and ethical professionals in many ways.

The Birth of the American Mental Health Alliance-New Jersey, Inc. 

(excerpted from a piece originally written Nov.,1996 and an important part of our history)

AMHA-NJ was a natural outgrowth of the New Jersey Coalition of Mental Health Professionals & Consumers which had its inception in the fall of 1994. In reaction to managed care organizations threatening the privacy, confidentiality, and freedom of choice of our clients, we began to realize that we needed to offer the public and our professional colleagues an alternative to managed care.

Having researched the alternatives across the country, we found a developing organization in Boston, Mass., which fit the bill perfectly. We met with their principals during the summer of 1995 and returned to New Jersey with a commitment to explore the possibilities with other professionals who might be interested in joining forces. By the summer of 1996 we had developed a committed and working steering committee. In Boston, during the late summer of 1996, with other interested representatives from states across the country, we convened for our first national meeting. It was at this meeting that the representative states co-founded the National American Mental Health Alliance. 

Toward the end of 1996 we had organized in NJ as a Nonprofit Corporation to be operated as a cooperative under Subchapter T of the Internal Revenue Code, and we were part of what was to become the AMHA-USA. We are now functioning under a legal set of by-laws and ready to begin doing business in NJ. 

Charles I. Zadikow, Psy.D.
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